68th Toronto Venturers

The Venturer Scout Motto is: Challenge!

The Venturer Group at the 68th Toronto meet in the same location as the Scouts, Thursday Nights at George Syme School from 6:30 to 8pm, though with their own leaders and patrol. Currently all our Venturer-aged members are largely acting as Scouters-in-Training to the younger groups, though they are able to plan their own events and camps as well. And this is expected to change next year, given the number of members moving from Scouts to Venturers next year.

The Venturers (not adult Scouters) operate the Venturer company. A fundamental cornerstone of Venturing is the principle of self-determination and responsibility of members. Venturers plan their meetings with a youth chairman who uses an agenda, with reports from committees, and procedures for making decisions common to adult organizations.

Venturers are responsible for their own finances (subject to guidelines found in Bylaws,
Policies and Procedures) and their local group. They earn and spend money as they see fit,
and keep their own records; the group/section committee or the advisor should audit these records annually.

Venturers are actively involved in choosing and planning activities for both themselves, and often even helping facilitate with the younger groups. The Venturer program not only encourages, but insists that everyone becomes a real participant in the group.

Venturers don’t need to earn badges or awards to meet their program objectives, but obtaining them can be a fun way to focus on meeting these objectives, and the awards support a well-balanced program.