68th Toronto Scout Group

Welcome to a new season for the 68th Toronto Scout Group

68 Toronto Scout Group AdventuresWe’re excited to see lots of returning friends and we’re so pleased to welcome our our many new faces.  We hope this website will be a resource for you over the coming season and we’re looking forward to lots of fun events.

We are a very active group in the community and within Scouts Canada, with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts,  Venturer and Rover sections.  Our leaders have been working hard to put together an excellent program across all the sections this year.

All sections of the 68th have their meetings on Thursday evenings.  For details on any of our programs, click on the appropriate section’s Calendar in the menu above (for example, if you are the parent of a Beaver Scout, click on “Beavers” above.)

The 68th Toronto Group is one of the oldest continually operating Scouts Canada group in the Old Mill Area.  We are located in West Toronto, and our Beaver and Scout meetings usually happen at George Syme Community School, while the Cubs typically meet at Syme 55 Community Centre. It’s always best to contact us first, however, as we go outside a lot. Directions can be found on our Contact Us page.

We are always looking to welcome new boys, girls, and youth into our sections.  Click the Contact us link above to request further registration details, or to arrange to come out to see us in action.  We are also looking for new leaders, so parents and adult volunteers, if you are interested in becoming a leader in the Scouting movement, feel free to drop us a line.

Remember you can thank any of our incredible volunteers at any time by clicking on the Thanks! button below.  It does a lot for our volunteers and our group when we are recognized through the Scouts Canada Volunteer Recognition Program for their outstanding service.

Scouter Recognition ProgramAny stakeholder to Scouting (volunteers, youth, parents, the community at large) can fill out the simple online form.  Scouters will receive a certificate every time they are commended by a stakeholder and it will be presented within the Scouter’s section or group.  As Scouters accumulate commendations, they will become eligible for Outstanding Service Awards and will be recognized with a medal and uniform insignia for each award.

Thanks so much for your support!

Yours in Scouting,
Scouter Janine
Group Commissioner

And now for a taste of some of our adventures:

Our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Parents and Scouters are hosted by SAIL Etobicoke.  We learn all about winter camping, safety and cool accessories.  Thanks everyone at SAIL!

SAIL Event

Apple Day!  Thanks to Everyone who supported our group!



Earth Hour Celebration – Ettienne Brule Park

Earthhour2015PhotoGrid_1427601215033     Earthhour2015PhotoGrid_1427601144786     Earthhour2015PhotoGrid_1427601082172

Earth Day Hike – every year Sunshine organizes a great clean up for all groups in a local park. Once we’re done cleaning up we go on a nature hike and then get some time to play in the park!